Families are culturally and structurally diverse each with unique strengths.  

We value joining with families in a collaborative effort to respectfully effect chance within the family unit.

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Our mission is to help families as well as individuals find the right solutions that best work for their personal situation. 

There comes a time when we all may need a little guidance and extra support to help us sort through life changing events and day to day difficulties.

We will work together to help you work through and overcome life's challenges

Believing that families are the best environment in which to grow.  Within the family environment all members of the family are encouraged and empowered by mutual respect, love, and acceptance. 

We are committed to providing support and resources that benefit and respect the diversity and dignity of individuals, couples, children, and families.  We strive to promote responsibility for life choices.

Dona Patterson

Family Outreach & Counseling Center

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